Mitsou Eva contemporary animal artist

Hi, welcome here! I am Mitsou Eva, an artist based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

As a kid and teen I loved all kinds of creative outings like singing, theater, fashion, home decoration, drawing and handicraft.

My interest in fine arts started when I got an art book from my grandparents as a young adult. It made me develop my taste in art and artists. So I took some art classes and although I had no clue in which direction I wanted to go, I felt this was something I had to cherish.

The road to where I’m now was windy. I went to several art schools/courses, became a mother at 22, had different side jobs and was a yoga and mindfulness teacher before I chose art as my main focus (with still a job on the side which I also love).

Nature is one of my biggest loves and inspirations. I especially enjoy drawing animals. When I was young I thought I would never be able to draw them but they fascinated me enormously. My love for them came from my mother. We always had several pets in the house. I also started supporting a good cause that protected animals and nature at a young age and even thought I preferred animals over humans.

I eventually started drawing them when my son, who also loves animals, was young and asked me to draw them for him. I realised I really loved drawing them as much as I love them for real. So they became a frequent subject to draw or paint.

To me, they represent pureness, love, innocence and being. Nature represents necessity, breath, tranquility and acceptance-as-you-are to me.

Besides that, abstract art and contemporary art have won my heart over. I love the freedom and the color use. To me, they represent beauty, expression, the unnameable, creation, joy and magic.

These things are my main focus in my art and besides that I follow what inspires me from day to day.

Now, with my art, I hope to spread the love for animals and nature, because we need them and they need our love and support.

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