Photo of Mitsou drawing at her table. Her table is covered with little bottles of paint, several collections of brushes and a jar with cloudy paint water. A painting with a crow can be seen over her shoulder.

Hi, welcome here! I am Mitsou Eva, an artist based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

I studied psychology, natural medicine, art, yoga and mindfulness. I only finished the last two although art returned several times. At the Vrije Kunstacademie, Atelier Buri, Wackers Academie, Atelier Westerdok, MK24 and eventually the Orientation year of the Gerrit Rietveld Academie.

After the latter I realized that making art was what I loved to do most even though I didn’t want to do the part-time study there. I wanted to find my own way. I even quit the job I loved doing the most so far, teaching yoga, because I needed focus.

Nature is one of my biggest loves and inspirations. I especially enjoy drawing animals. When I was young I thought I would never be able to draw them but they fascinated me enormously. I started supporting a good cause that protected animals and nature at a young age and even thought I preferred animals over humans. I eventually started drawing them when my son, who also loves animals, was young and asked me to draw them for him. I realised I really loved drawing them as much as I love them for real. So they became a frequent subject to draw or paint.

To me they represent pureness, love, innocence and being. Nature represents necessity, breath, tranquility and acceptance-as-you-are to me.

Besides that abstract art and contemporary art have won my heart over at a very young age. I love the freedom and the color use. To me they represent beauty, expression, the unnameable, creation, joy and magic.

These things are my main focus in my art and besides that I follow what inspires me from day to day.

At the moment I mostly create drawings and paintings but who knows more art forms will be included in the future. Because in art you never stand still. And standing still doesn’t quite suit me anyway.

Art is passion, magic, love, pain, resistance, doing, thinking, feeling, being, experimenting, daring, learning, practising and many more. But mainly essential.

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