Why I use yoga in my art

I started doing yoga when I was 20 years old. I felt very stressed and anxious at that moment and thought that yoga may help with that. First result that it had was that I could fall asleep easier. And offcourse I got more flexible. When I was younger I was never even able to touch my toes when I bended forward. I was even 20 cm away from them. I also bought a book about yoga so that it was easier to practice at home too. 

When I got pregnant when I was 21, I stopped taking lessons but I practiced at home with my book. I just did the poses that were still possible. And even after my son was born I quickly restarted my practice. 

I decided to do a four year yogateacher training when my son was 4 years old because my health was a bit weak and I really thought I would benefit from it. And maybe even teach yoga besides making art later. I loved the lessons very much. Especially zen meditation, ayurveda and yoga offcourse. 

I started teaching in my third or fourth year because first I had to practice and secondly because I could take over someone’s class. And I kept teaching yoga for about 6 years. 

Then I decided to go for making art. 

So why yoga in my art? Well I did some wondering about what I wanted to create and what I wanted to share with the world. I learned that it’s important to make things you enjoy making because people can see that in your work. So I started wondering what I loved and what I loved making. Because that are two different things sometimes. 

First I recognised that I loved drawing animals. Secondly I loved abstract art because with that I can experiment most. And thirdly I already used to draw human figures in a bit abstract, a bit graphic ways. And I thought it would be fun to draw yoga poses in that way. So not too realisticly. First I only drew the animals and yogaposes separately but then I thought: ‘why not combine them?” And I started thinking about what that would mean? What would I be expressing with that? 

Well, the translation of yoga comes from the word Yuj which means yoking or union. And it totally fitted my vision of my animal art. Because I already had the wish that my drawings and paintings of animals would give people more love for animals. I really think we should protect and nourish animals more. So by adding a person in a yoga pose I even more explicitly “say” that we are connected with animals and that we should honor them more. 

So that’s the story about yoga in my art. I want to emphasize that this is not a static concept. I could as well use yoga in my art for other reasons or meanings in the future. I love to develop myself and my art and to keep an open mind. And if someone else sees something different in my art I’m curious to their vision as well. 


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